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Baga Rain Generator


What is Rain Generator ?

Baga Rain generator is an add-on dedicated to rain generation.

Rain generator is available for B3.3 to B3.6

How it works ?

Select an object then you can then generate an ivy from the Npannel.

The Baga Rain Generator panel lets you adjust rain parameters to suit your scene perfectly.

Installation & Utilisation

Installation : Baga Ivy Generator installs like any other addon 
Edit > Preference > addons > installation then restart Blender

Access : Edit > Preference > addon  and N panel (addon panel)

Create : To create a new rain, select an object > Npanel > Add New Rain

Note :

_ In the add-ons' preferences panel, you can set certain rainfall defaults. This allows you to set your own preferences or reduce the default values to optimize your scene.

_ Warning ! Rain generator works thanks to the timeline, so remember to turn it off to avoid slowing down your computer.

Add Rain panel :


Add Rain : Add rain

Add Rain Shader : Adds a new shader of your choice to the node tree.

Add-ons preference panel

BRG_rain Prefference-0.png
BIG_Tool tips_02.png

Tool Tips : If you don't know what a tool is for, click on this icon, a window will appear containing an explanatory text accompanied by an image and/or a link to a video tutorial.

BRG_Tool Tips.png
Installation and Utilisation
Main settings
Rain Generator Documentation

Main Settings

Utilization : Allows you to modify general parameters such as rainfall, density, speed, material and distribution method.

Access : N panel (addon panel)

Notes : 

_The Accurate mode gives a more realistic behavior to the pluis, but is more resource-intensive for the computer, so for large scenes it's necessary to use the Large scene mode.

_ Rain generator takes into account the time line, remember to stop it so as not to slow down your computer for nothing.

Animation mode :  Rain generation type

Speed :  Raindrop speed

Material : Allows you to set a specific parameter. Each one can be individually hidden with the visibility button.


Frame End Loop : Number of frames used for a loop in loop mode

Framme offset Loop :  Offcet between two loops

Main settings panel :


Rain Density :  Allows you to access the options for saving and importing/exporting presets.

Distribution Method : Hides all activated settings.

Rain collision



Effect : Set the size, shape and distance from which the droplets fall.

Access : N panel (addon panel)

Notes :  By selecting Droplets mode, the shape becomes more realistic but takes longer to calculate, so it's best to use it for small scenes.

Droplets Point mode Panel :


Altitude : Altitude from which the raindrops fall. Depending on the size of your scene, you will need to adjust this parameter.

Visibility : Display droplets in rendering

Random Length : Aleatory droplet size

Scale : Droplet size

Droplets Droplets mode Panel :


Random Length : Aleatory droplet size

Scale : Droplet size



Effects : Used to change the target object of the rainfall

Access : N panel (addon panel)

Notes It is possible to set the splash density in the viewport and in the rendering. Once set, you can lower the density in the viewport to optimize the scene.

Splashes Panel :


Splashes : Adjusts splashes speed, height and shape

Visibility : Hide splashes in renderer or viewport

Density : Allows you to adjust the density of splashes only, in the rendering and in the viewport.

Surface Bouncing : Allows you to modify splash settings on inclined surfaces.

Dispersion : Adjusts splashes dispersion

Demo file.jpg


Effect : Adds wind to rain 

Access : N panel (addon panel)

Wind Pannel :


Oriantation : Rain direction

Angle : Rain angle (wind force)

Wind effect



Effects : Used to change Add or Remove the rain target object

Access : N panel (addon panel)

Notes :  If you're adding a large surface as a new target, remember to keep display performance as low as possible so as not to slow down your computer.

Target Pannel :


Add Remove : Adds or removes an object from the target collection

Collection : Displays the collection in which the objects on which the most is applied are stored.

Target effect

Delecte Rain

A voir illustration

Delecte Rain

Effects : Delete rain and all collections created

Access : N panel (addon panel)

NotesThe suppress button suppresses not only the rain, but also the collections associated with it. It is necessary to go through this button, not to delete the rain by cutting it directly.

Delecte Rain button :


Viewport : Display/Mask the rain at the viewport

Render : Rain rendering poster/mask

Delecte Rain : Suppress rain and everything associated with it.

Help Report

Need help or report a bug ?

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