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Ressources | Addon & Assets

bagapie icon.JPG

Addon | BagaPie Modifier Beta

This addon allow you to create modifier and geometry nodes preset : Boolean, Scatter, Wall, Windows ...


Assets | Lowpoly Forest with seasons

These parametric assets are very useful for creating large backgrounds. It also allows you to change and mix the seasons.

simple grunge node.JPG

Shader | Procedural Grunge Node

This nodal set-up allows you to procedurally add wear to architectural elements.


Shader | Procedural Grunge Node Simple

This nodal set-up allows you to procedurally add wear on architectural elements with a more simplified UI but less advanced settings. It is especially useful for adding wear and tear from the rain.


Shader | Leaf Node Preset

Node preset that allows you to easily create a shader for anything vegetal.

rds addon.JPG

Addon | Render Devices Switcher

This addon create a panel in the render property to easily switch between CUDA, OptiX, ... And choose which rendering devices to use.


All these resources are free and dedicated to blender.


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